A Brief History

TEW Is Founded

Wayne T. Lewis founded The Electrical Works Ltd.

TEW Is Incorporated

The Electrical Works Ltd., became a corporation and operations moved to 5-days a week

TEW's First EV Project

TEW completed its first Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment project, Joe DeCaria joins the team to provide his expertise in the EV market.

TEW's Change of President

Wayne T. Lewis hangs up the tool belt and hands the phone to Joe DeCaria, Joe takes up mantle as President to lead TEW into the future

Brand Refresh & New Website

jasonmassie.ca refreshed our brand identity, and created something special for our business. A new website was also created to help clients better their experience with us.

TEW's Community Improvement

TEW continues to strive to find ways to improve the services we offer and the way we conduct our business, to serve our clients and community for the future and beyond.

1202 Work Requests
in 2023 92%
1038 Quotes Distributed
in 2023 78%
563 Quotes Converted
in 2023 60%
2142 Jobs Completed
in 2023 60%
We Have Internal Policies We Follow

See Our Internal Policies That Keep You & Our Team Happy

TEW - Code Of Conduct
TEW - Defence Driving Policy
TEW - Health & Safety
TEW - Dignity & Respect
TEW - Whistle Blower Policy
TEW - Code Of Conduct

As the President of The Electrical Works Ltd., I am writing to you today to emphasize the importance of our Code of Conduct. At TEW, we are committed to maintaining a culture of respect, integrity, and excellence. Our Code of Conduct reflects these values and is designed to guide our behaviour in the workplace and beyond.

Our Code of Conduct is more than just a document – it is a promise we make to each other and to our customers. It is a promise to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior, to act with integrity, and to treat each other with respect and professionalism.
We take our Code of Conduct seriously, and I expect all employees to adhere to its principles. This means being honest, ethical, and respectful in all of our interactions with each other, our customers, and the wider community. It means acting with integrity, even in the face of difficult decisions, and taking responsibility for our actions.

As President, I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees. This means promoting a culture of openness and transparency, where all employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas, and where we can work together to address any issues that may arise.
I encourage all employees to familiarize themselves with our Code of Conduct and to ask any questions they may have. Let us all work together to create a workplace that is built on a foundation of respect, integrity, and excellence.

Thank you for your commitment to TEW and to our Code of Conduct. Sincerely,

TEW - Defence Driving Policy
TEW - Health & Safety
TEW - Dignity & Respect
TEW - Whistle Blower Policy

Our Trusted Partners

What We Provide

Our Services

Transportation and charging

1. EVSE Charging Solutions

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or board member, The Electrical Works Ltd., has the knowledge and expertise you need to help get you on the road and away
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Firefly electrical wires being put together by an electrician; close up of tools and hands, in Toron-3

2. Electrical

From a receptacle not working to upgrading the incoming power to a building, to thermo-graphically scanning your existing equipment, we are the right team for the jo
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Firefly someone writing a safety plan; background in the financial district at sunset; realistic; 8K

3. Fire Protection & Life Safety

Let our team of certified CFAA electricians help maintain and service your existing fire protection and life safety systems. From monthly and annual testing, to rep
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Firefly white male helping with a smile and looking at a clipboard; background of a cityscape 42653

4. 24/7 Emergency Service

Are you currently experiencing a power outage or is your fire protection panel indicating an alarm? If so, you can rely on The Electrical Works Ltd. to provide promp
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Firefly intercom in the front of a building with people walking and watching out to the street; came

5. Access Control & Surveillance Cameras

Feel safe and secure knowing your property is secure. Get the coverage and protection you need, and control who you let in with The Electrical Works Ltd.
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Firefly blue networking cables along the wall; connected to the server; photorealistic 73130

6. Tele-Communications

Stay connected with The Electrical Works Ltd., our team can help you keep you data transmission and communication systems up and running so you do not lose downtime.
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