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24/7 Emergency Service

Are you currently experiencing a power outage or is your fire protection panel indicating an alarm? If so, you can rely on The Electrical Works Ltd. to provide prompt and efficient...
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Access Control & Surveillance Cameras

Feel safe and secure knowing your property is secure. Get the coverage and protection you need, and control who you let in with The Electrical Works Ltd....
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From a receptacle not working to upgrading the incoming power to a building, to thermo-graphically scanning your existing equipment, we are the right team for the job....
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EVSE Charging Solutions

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or board member, The Electrical Works Ltd., has the knowledge and expertise you need to help get you on the road and away from the pumps...
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Fire Protection & Life Safety

Let our team of certified CFAA electricians help maintain and service your existing fire protection and life safety systems. From monthly and annual testing, to replacement of fir...
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Stay connected with The Electrical Works Ltd., our team can help you keep you data transmission and communication systems up and running so you do not lose downtime....
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