LED bulbs and fixtures - save electricity and save money

The future of lighting is LED technology. LED lamps last much longer and have an extremely low power consumption. This means that LED lamps stay cool and the colors don't fade. Making the switch to LED bulbs and fixtures will save electricity and save you money.

Cars are EVolving

For a limited time Ontario drivers who purchase new plug in electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations for private use can take advantage of incentives from the province.

Get up to $8,500 back when you purchase or lease an eligible electric vehicle.

Get up to $1,000 back on the purchase and installation of an eligible charging station.

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Save money. You will use less fuel and lower your other maintenance and operating costs. You can also take advantage of lower electricity rates when you charge at night.

Get money back. You will receive a rebate of between $5,000 and $8,500 (based on the capacity of your new EV's battery). You may also receive a rebate of up to $1,000 on a new Level 2 home charging station for your vehicle.

Enjoy green licence plates. These plates allow you to drive in all provincial high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes - even with only one person in the vehicle - until June 30, 2015.

Help make Ontario greener. You will help reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Recharge easily. You can recharge your EV at home or at select public charging locations. EVs can typically travel at least 100 kilometres on a single charge, and some can travel more than 500 kilometres using a combination of battery and gasoline engine technology.