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The average demands placed on most electrical systems have increased quite dramatically during the last three decades. The average kitchen in a house built or electrically upgraded in the 1940’s functioned quite well with just one or two outlets. The old saying of “Living Better Electrically” has taken on new meaning in today’s wired (and wireless) world, with so many new electrical appliances in the home and machines in the workplace that all have specific power requirements.

It is not unusual to dedicate as many as 12 – 15 house circuits to a freshly renovated kitchen in the average home today. All those computers, printers, fax machines, wireless routers, phone chargers, back-up power supplies and other business office doo-dads require a source of power at some point in the circuit. In addition to the electrical items we all tend to take for granted, most of the microprocessor based circuitry contained in modern fire alarm control panels, security systems, and intercom panels now require a clean power source to keep them running trouble free.

At The Electrical Works Ltd. we have accepted these challenges over the past three decades. As electrical and electronics technology and installation codes become more and more complex, we have kept abreast of new installation requirements and techniques and acquired the necessary training, staff, and equipment to ensure you, the customer, get the best installation and follow-up service possible.