Tesla high power charging

Tesla Mobile Connector

PLUG IN. Where there's an outlet, you can charge. The type of outlet or charging station will determine how fast you can charge. One end of the Mobile Connector plugs into the Charge Port and the other end plugs into an outlet. Two outlet adapters are included: one for a standard household outlet and a second adapter for a 240 volt outlet. Many additional adapters are available for purchase. Tesla recommends charging from a 240 volt outlet rather than a 110 volt outlet. A 240 volt outlet provides a lot more power than a standard outlet and will charge your car faster.

High Power Charging

A Wall Connector is installed on a 240 volt circuit and can be supplied with up to twice the amperage as an outlet. At maximum amperage it supplies two times more power than the Single Charger can process. This is where Dual Chargers come into play, doubling the charging capacity to 20 kW to match the output of the Wall Connector.

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