Eaton Pow-R-Station

Eaton is a leader in electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle components, including systems that provide fuel savings ranging from 30 to 60 percent.

Commercial Solutions

  • Dual AC Level 2 Charging Station: For indoor and outdoor use, it can simultaneously charge two plug-in electric vehicles, making it ideal for commercial and fleet operations.
  • Level 2 Pow-R-Station Charging Station: Supplies the connection to the grid where vehicles park street-side, in a garage or parking lot. It provides the car's on-board charger with the electricity it needs to refill the battery.
  • Pow-R-Station DC Quick Charger: Eaton provides a solution for curbing range anxiety.


Residential Solutions

  • Universal Receptacle EV Charging Station (120 Vac Level 1): Provides a safe, reliable means for charging up to four vehicles at a time. It is the perfect solution for buildings that require multiple-vehicle charging, such as apartments and offices.
  • Electric Vehicle Simulator: Allows installers to immediately test the functionality of the electric vehicle supply equipment onsite during installation.

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