Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Leviton electrical charging station

Plug-in electric vehicles can decrease our dependence on oil, cut carbon emissions and reduce fuel costs. Rebates

What is an electric vehicle?

Plug-in electric vehicle is the technical term to describe all vehicles with a battery that can be charged or plugged-in to an electrical outlet. But the more common term is EV.

3 types of electric vehicles

A hybrid electric vehicle uses a small battery to recoup braking energy for reuse during acceleration.

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle has a much larger battery that can be recharged from a wall outlet or charging station. Examples are the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

A battery electric vehicle is fueled by electricity, replacing gasoline, diesel and other types of combustible fuels. It’s a vehicle that plugs into a power source to recharge its battery. Examples are the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Benefits of owning an electric vehicle

  • A plug-in car uses little or no gasoline, reducing or eliminating tailpipe emissions and greenhouse gases.
  • When electricity is your fuel, you save about 75 per cent on fuel costs.
  • Because they have fewer moving parts, EVs often require less maintenance.
  • Unlike gas-powered vehicles, an EV can accelerate quickly with very little sound.
  • EVs replace imported oil with reliable and more affordable electricity.


No matter what kind of electric vehicle you drive, we have the charging station you need. All our products come from world-class vendors such as:


We offer turn-key projects and the largest selection of commercial charging stations in Canada. Whether it is the installation of one station or multiple installations and facility construction, the Electrical Works is here to help.

Tesla EV Charging Stations

Tesla high power charging

Tesla Mobile Connector

PLUG IN. Where there's an outlet, you can charge. The type of outlet or charging station will determine how fast you can charge. One end of the Mobile Connector plugs into the Charge Port and the other end plugs into an outlet. Two outlet adapters are included: one for a standard household outlet and a second adapter for a 240 volt outlet. Many additional adapters are available for purchase. Tesla recommends charging from a 240 volt outlet rather than a 110 volt outlet. A 240 volt outlet provides a lot more power than a standard outlet and will charge your car faster.

High Power Charging

A Wall Connector is installed on a 240 volt circuit and can be supplied with up to twice the amperage as an outlet. At maximum amperage it supplies two times more power than the Single Charger can process. This is where Dual Chargers come into play, doubling the charging capacity to 20 kW to match the output of the Wall Connector.

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Eaton EV charging station

Eaton Pow-R-Station

Eaton is a leader in electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle components, including systems that provide fuel savings ranging from 30 to 60 percent.

Commercial Solutions

  • Dual AC Level 2 Charging Station: For indoor and outdoor use, it can simultaneously charge two plug-in electric vehicles, making it ideal for commercial and fleet operations.
  • Level 2 Pow-R-Station Charging Station: Supplies the connection to the grid where vehicles park street-side, in a garage or parking lot. It provides the car's on-board charger with the electricity it needs to refill the battery.
  • Pow-R-Station DC Quick Charger: Eaton provides a solution for curbing range anxiety.


Residential Solutions

  • Universal Receptacle EV Charging Station (120 Vac Level 1): Provides a safe, reliable means for charging up to four vehicles at a time. It is the perfect solution for buildings that require multiple-vehicle charging, such as apartments and offices.
  • Electric Vehicle Simulator: Allows installers to immediately test the functionality of the electric vehicle supply equipment onsite during installation.

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Sun Country Highway Charging Stations

Sun Country Highway charging station

Sun Country Highway provides the safest, most reliable and affordable EVSE chargers on the market, each meeting the rigid testing standards of Underwriter’s Laboratories to earn their UL listing. Sun Country Highway chargers work with all current electric vehicles on the market today.

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Schneider Electric EVLink Charging Stations

Schneider Electric EVLink charging stations

Schneider Electric offers a wide range of EVlink™ charging stations which allow users to access EV chargers where they live, work and play. They are supported by the following two factors: a smart-grid interface and efficient energy management.

EVLink Residential: Level II Indoor Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

  • For the homeowner or the builder

EVLink Commercial: Level II Outdoor Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

  • Public and City Parking
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Retail Buildings
  • Fleet Charging Options

Level III Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Solutions

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Siemens Versicharge charging stations

Siemens Versicharge charging stations

The Siemens VersiCharge charging units come in either 30 A or 70 A models. In addition, each of the devices can be adjusted with an amperage dial or via utility controlled amperage regulation. By offering adjustable, extended amperage, Siemens VersiCharge charging equipment is ready today for the cars of tomorrow.

Product Features: VersiCharge

  • Level 2 (240 V) charging
  • 30 A and 70 A options, with adjustability
  • Easy to install
  • Push button user controls
  • Visual status indication
  • User controlled charge delay
  • Built-in cord management
  • Standard J1772 connector
  • I/O dry contact for integration with external devices
  • Weather proof enclosure (NEMA 4)

Product Features: VersiCharge SG

  • Same features as VersiCharge
  • Built in Zigbee wireless communication
  • Optional communication expansion to Wi-Fi or cellular
  • Optional Built-in Revenue Grade Meter (0.5% accuracy)

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GE Durastation charging station

GE Durastation charging station

GE's DuraStation enables fast Level 2 charging at home and on the road. It is capable of reducing charge time from 12-18 hours to 4-8 hours, with service needs of 208-240VAC at 40A, assuming a 24kWh battery and a full-cycle charge. The DuraStation's modular design allows for easy upgrades as owners' needs change and more options become available.

Product Features: GE Durastation

  • The cord holder keeps the cord organized and out of the way of parking spaces, sidewalks and streets.
  • LEDs display status: Green = Station Active; Blinking Green = Vehicle connected, not charging; Amber = Charging; Red = Fault occurred, manual reset required (disconnecting vehicle will reset in most cases).
  • Option for a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader: users will gain charging authorization by waving RFID cards in front of the readers.
  • Ethernet network offered for RFID authorization.
  • RFID software registers usage of the DuraStation, enabling data collection and monitoring status of communication between RFID and EVSE.
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) screen shows greetings, instructions and station messages.
  • Nuisance tripping avoidance and auto reclosure.
  • Vehicle ground monitoring circuit.
  • Single phase metering, displayed on included VFD.
  • A building ventilation interface signal can be provided to operate facility and garage fans when required.
  • Standards and approvals: SAE J1772; NEC 625; UL 2231, 2251, 2594; cUL 2231, 2594; NEMA and NIST.

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Leviton EVR-Green charging stations

Leviton charging station

Leviton's commitment to help create a sustainable environment is further manifested in our complete line of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and support services. Whether you are an EV driver, a commercial business, utility company or municipality, there's an Evr-Green solution for you.

The Evr-Green® Product Line

Leviton offers a complete solution for residential, commercial and public plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging: the Evr-Green® line of electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Our Evr-Green products are compliant with all industry standards and compatible with all major auto manufacturers’ electric vehicles (SAE J1772 compliant).


  • Pre-Wire Kits
  • Residential
  • Public/Commercial
  • Fleet/Light Commercial
  • Portable Chargers

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