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Case Study: residential electrical upgrade

The Electrical Works Ltd. took on the challenge of upgrading all of the electrical for a 1,375 sq. ft. home in the Clarkson neighborhood of Mississauga. The house is an original cottage built in 1953 and was fully renovated approximately 15 years ago.

In the fall of 2014 the team implemented a complete electrical overhaul in order to meet all safety standards and building codes. The three main tasks included:

1.    Replacing the electrical panel.
2.    Replacing all of the incandescent pot lights with LED.
3.    Separating the furnace onto its own circuit, as it was previously on the same breaker as the downstairs lights, downstairs electrical outlets, garage, pond and outdoor pool. Load distribution on breakers, with additional breakers was done.

Other tasks included a dramatic reduction of junction boxes, eliminating redundant and unnecessary wiring and relocating switches into more convenient/logical locations. The result is a neater and cleaner infrastructure with enhanced reliability.